Inflatable Packaging






10""X15"" AIRPLUS AIRBAGS 2800'/RL




*10""X10"" AIRPLUS AIRBAGS 2800'/RL 48/SKID


Sealed Air® Rapid Fill® Air Filled Packaging - 14" x 18"

The clear choice for cost-effective void fill. The most efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-responsible solution for a wide range of void fill applications.  250/cs
Manufacturers Item #97078

Storopack AIRplus® Air Pillows

A low-cost, highly effective interior cushion, block and brace and void fill option that deliver significant benefits. Light, clean and strong, and protects your packages with pillows of air that retain their size and shape, ensuring your shipments reach their destination without damage. Since air is weightless, your shipping costs are brought to an absolute minimum. Reusable. Conforms to the weight and shape of the object, supporting and cushioning against vibration and shock. Amount of air in each pillow can be adjusted. Film is perforated for easy separation. 2000' per roll.
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Storopack AIRplus® Excel System

Fast, compact, portable and extremely easy to operate. With their small footprint and large production capacities, they fit into any packaging environment. 18" W x 15" D x 22" H; Weight: 42 lb. Speed: 45 feet per minute. Power Supply: 120 volt, 2 amps; Air Supply: Ambient.  ea
Manufacturers Item #EX-001

Storopack AIRplus® Mini System

Small, yet highly productive. Placed on a tabletop with or without the small stand, when space is at a premium the AIRplus® Mini fits right in. 19" w x 19" D x 16" H (on stand with full film roll). Speed: 20 feet per minute. Power Supply: 120 volt, 2 amps; Air Supply: Ambient.  ea
Manufacturers Item #EXM

Storopack PAD LOC® Pads

Flexible and versatile packaging material that molds to the shape of any product. It is strong, effective, lightweight and easily stored, making it the ideal material for a wide-range of packaging needs. Excellent shock and vibration absorption. No-mar surface protection. Reusable up to 20 times. Controlled use, controlled costs. Extremely light weight. No heat so there are no safety issues. Use for end caps, corner pads, edge protectors, void fill, blocking and bracing, wrapping and stuffing, insulation and cushioning.
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