Paper Cushioning Rolls


Ranpak® FillPak™ Fan-Fold Paper

Fan-fold paper maximizes paper - minimizes air. Each box of paper includes tape to connect to the next box. Paper Width: 30"; Basis Weight: 30 pounds. Box Length: 1,660 feet; Yield: 100 cubic feet. Dimensions: 30" x 9.5" x 7.5"; Weight: 41.5 lbs.  ea
Manufacturers Item #FILLPAKPAPER

Ranpak® FillPak™ TT Paper - 30 lb.

15" single-ply fanfold paper. Used in conjunction with Ranpak's FillPak™ TT converter.  ea
Manufacturers Item #TSSF3008S

Ranpak® FillPak™ TT Paper - 45 lb.

Must only be run on the redesigned version of the FillPak™ TT (TT's with model PC-0646 & serial number beginning with #5 only). 15" single-ply fanfold paper.  ea
Manufacturers Item #TSSF4508R

Ranpak® PadPak LC™ Fanfold Paper - 55 lb.

Kraft fanfold converting material. Basis weight: 55 lbs. 30" W x 1000' length.  ea
Manufacturers Item #SSSP3008R

Ranpak® Padpak® Natural Kraft Paper

Reduces overall packaging costs. Made from 100% natural kraft paper, a strong paper that is completely biodegradable, renewable and recyclable. Uses: Cushioning, blocking/bracing, wrapping & void-fill.
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